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At Gtrader we make sure that your capital is always in your Exchange. That's why our trades are done within your Binance account. For added security, we recommend that you check "Withdrawals disabled" when creating your Binance API.

GTRADER Your account always safe

Gtrader has strict security and data protection measures: secure servers and 2FA code with Google Authenticator. Regarding your cryptoassets, they will always be in your Binance account, the most secure exchange on the market.

GTRADER You always increase coins

Our robots trade by historical correlations combined with technical analysis of projections. Price, volume, trend and direction analysis is performed by our team of experts. In the Gtrader application you can trade BTC and/or USDT fully automatically.


Invite your contacts and keep earning money

Earn 5% for life of the profits your referrals earn on their accounts by operating our bot.



Create your own trading company

GT trading software for customers with Binance accounts.

Gtrader installs an automatic trading and administration system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FaQ)

See our frequently asked questions below, if you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

Our robots trade by historical correlations combined with technical analysis of projections. Price, volume, trend and direction analysis is performed by our team of experts. In the Gtrader app you can trade BTC and/or USDT fully automatically.
The app works fully automatically, no knowledge required, connect your Binance and generate profits while you sleep! You open your account, you verify it, you connect your Binance public and private key, and you are READY! Also, if you are interested, you can access weekly technical reports with support, resistance and strong buy and sell points of the most solid capto in the market. At we are an interdisciplinary team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make your trading the most effective in the market.

GTrader has a Compliance Department, adhering to current policies on money laundering and politically exposed persons. More information on this subject in our Terms and Conditions

Any trading system can generate losses, Gtrader minimizes them in the following way: Gtrader operates with TOP 10 cryptocurrencies, the most stable in the market and with the highest volume. For you, the robot works automatically, but it is monitored by our team 24 hours a day. At Gtrader we trade within your account by making purchases of altcoins at the market and returning to your base currency with a limit order programmed within your account. Entries are made based on our projection analysis combined with historical currency movements. If the market had undetectable mobilities such as structural changes in the crypto world, your capital may be temporarily undervalued.

YES. Binance is one of the most secure exchanges on the market and provides details of publicly known API sharing procedures. However, whenever you connect your APIs to a trading robot we recommend blocking the withdrawal option.

Try our app for 30 days for free, if you are satisfied with our services you will only have to pay an annual membership fee of 100 USD. Gtrader will charge you 30% of the profits you make, on your earnings. You must have a PREPAYMENT, a minimum balance from which our trading commission will be deducted.
Example: If in your Binance account you have 1000 USDT or its equivalent in BTC and our robot gives you a profit of 10% you get a profit of 100 USDT. In PREPAY you should have 30 USDT which is equivalent to 30/35% of your profit.
Recommendation: In PREPAY you should always have 3% or more of the capital you are going to trade monthly, in BTC if you are going to trade BTC, in USDT if you are going to trade USDT or in both if you are going to Trader BTC and USDT. What you have in PREPAYMENT is your property, if you stop using the application you will be able to make a withdrawal of this capital.


1. Per network membership fee level 1 and 2 (direct and indirect): 25 USDT

2. For network level 1 and 2 trading profits (direct and indirect): 5%.
5% is applied to the profits that Gtrader provides on each trading operation.
Profits are paid in BTC and/or USDT, depending on the robot activated by network members.


At the start of the program by default direct referrals are activated and indirect referrals are displayed. Level 1 profits (indirect referrals) are earned immediately,
Level 2 profits (indirect referrals) are paid on the condition that you have 10 active direct referrals. Active referrals are considered to be users who are using one or both robots.


A messaging system is available in the REFERRALS section of the Gtrader app.

Action: You can contact the sponsor and also direct referrals. Messages are sent to the app and via email. In the content of the messages you must place a contact method, wasap, telegram, social network etc.

Note: It should be noted that users have a free trial period of 30 days after joining Gtrader. Trading profits are paid out at the end of this period.

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